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Dr. Carrie Kollias

Surgeon  |  Speaker  |  Author

Meet Dr. Carrie Kollias, Deputy Director of Orthopaedics at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, an acclaimed children's author, and inspiring speaker.


Currently pursuing an MBA at Imperial College London Business School, she is dedicated to transforming corporate, healthcare and academic workplace cultures.

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Meet Me

Dr. Carrie Kollias MD FRCSC FRACS

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Dr. Carrie Kollias is Deputy Director of Orthopaedics at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and award-winning children’s author. She is a speaker and surgeon health researcher with experience leading national studies investigating wellness in Orthopaedic Surgery trainees and surgeons in both Canada and Australia. Carrie has a track record in leading the transformation of workplace cultures and improving physician wellness. She speaks frequently on these topics as an invited speaker, and is a current MBA student with Imperial College London Business School.

She completed her undergraduate degree at University of Alberta, followed by Medical School and Orthopedic training at University of Calgary.....

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Maria’s Marvelous Bones

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Written by Dr. Carrie Kollias, an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of children, Maria’s Marvelous Bones educates young readers about bones as well as about the diverse members of the healthcare team who work together to help heal bones.

“After an accident, a girl finds support, comfort, and care from kind medical staff in Kollias’ debut picture book.


Maria and her brother are jumping on the couch when she falls and breaks her arm. At the hospital, she encounters caring doctors and nurses who provide her with explanations to help her feel safe. For example, a nurse uses a blood pressure cuff to see “how well Maria’s HEART was working to pump blood around her body.” Maria also receives an IV and x-rays, and she receives medicine that puts her to sleep so that a doctor can make her arm straight. The author, an orthopedic surgeon, depicts medical processes using child-friendly language (“an x-ray is a picture of bones…taken with a special camera that can see through skin”). Overall, the story takes readers on a realistic journey, which concludes when Maria gets her cast removed. It also introduces educational elements, including anatomical terms: “Dr. Anna said Maria’s body was making ‘CALLUS’…a big ball of bone glue. The glue had calcium in it, to make…broken bones heal.” Guile’s (Bear Picks a Pumpkin, 2018, etc.) top-notch illustrations are charming and colorful, with diverse characters. They emphasize friendly faces, which will be particularly encouraging to young patients in similar circumstances”

"A wonderful resource to help prepare children for medical intervention after an injury."

Cultivating Inclusive Workplaces: Carrie Kollias' Journey in Diversity and Wellness"

In the pursuit of fostering inclusive and diverse workplace cultures, Carrie Kollias stands as a passionate advocate. Her extensive involvement in multiple wellness and diversity initiatives showcases her unwavering commitment to creating positive change within organizations. As one of the initial members of the International Diversity Alliance in 2019, she continues to drive progress in orthopedic diversity. Additionally, her prior work in countries such as Malawi, Angola, and Ecuador highlights her dedication to orthopaedic outreach in the developing world. Discover more about her impactful journey and insights in the attached video


Carrie was the first surgeon in Canada to perform a leg lengthening using the ‘Precice’ lengthening nail (remote controlled) in 2014.

Invited Speaking

Winner of the international 2019 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards ompetition for kids books: 1st place in STEM, 1st place in Health.


Dr. Carrie Kollias is a Canadian orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the care of children. She has a very helpful husband and two young kids who listen to a lot of stories about bones.


The procedure was led by Dr. Carrie Kollias. She learned about the surgery while working in Australia and was eager to see the difference the high tech device could make for the young champion.


“I’m just really proud of our team of nursing staff who was really excited, even anesthesia, the other surgeons, the physiotherapists. It’s been a really good team effort and I think everyone is really proud of Royce for having such a nice result and we all had great steaks personally in it.”


Dr. Kollias says McLean would have suffered degenerative back pain and developed a sever limp for the rest of his life if he didn’t undergo the surgery, but thanks to the state-of-the-art medical device, he will be fully functional

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Limb deformity reconstruction

Patients suffering from severe skeletal problems may have new hope at Chinook Regional Hospital.


The hospital announced a new surgical technique to help suffering patients walk without pain.

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Leg lengthening surgery first of its kind in Canada

LETHBRIDGE – 20-year-old Royce McLean thought he would always have to wear a lift on his right shoe. When he was 14-years-old, a motorcycle accident left Royce with a severe injury to his right leg. 

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